Thyme To Spice It Up Thursday: Your very own herb garden!

WARNING: If you can't stand food puns then please leave this post, and go to another awesome post on my blog.

Okay, so BASILically, this will be all about starting a herb garden of your very own, no matter where you live. Gardening can be a lot to DILL with, but in the end, its a fun and rewarding experience, that SAGEs you money. Alright, lets stop. No, I MINT its THYME to begin.

Your Very Own Herb Garden:

Your Herbs you Will be Planting Are Above.

You can plant something in almost anything if you have soil, sun, and water. So find something, and poke a hole in the bottom and put a plate underneath it and soil in it. Plant the herbs (which can be found at your local super market likely.) and add water. Now watch them grow and flourish. Keep in sunlight. Now you have some fresh, organic spices which you can use in home cooked meals. Enjoy.


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