Recipe Post: Healthy Breakfast Burritos

I was trying to think of a sort of theme for the types of recipes I would put on here on a regular basis, and healthy but tasty recipes instantly came to mind. Perhaps they will have a twist to them sometimes.  Around each holiday occasion I will through some special junk food and sweets in, and I will also have a category just for all of you sweet toothed people out there called La Patisserie. Anyways, lets get to the recipe.

Healthy Breakfast Burrito

Serves: One

You Will Need:
can of precooked chicken
1 Box of cherry tomatoes
1 Lettuce head
1 Bag of shredded cheese
1 Bottle of lime juice
Grounded Pepper
1 Bag of spinach tortillas

Step One: Get out your ingredients, and a plate. Open the flower tortillas and get out one and put it on the plate.
Step Two: Get out your chopping board and knife or Dicer and dice the desired amount of tomatoes and put them onto the tortilla. Cut the lettuce head into 4 pieces and dice one of the pieces. Put it on the tortilla. 
Step Three: Open the can of chicken, and heat it in the microwave on a paper plate, NOT IN THE CAN! (It's not microwave safe!) and put it on the tortilla, too. Sprinkle the cheese on top, and squirt a few drops of lime juice if you'd like. Just don't over do it! Sprinkle some pepper on top, and roll it up.
Step Four: Dig in!

Suggestions: Serve with uncooked broccoli.

I hope you all enjoyed this and please comment suggestions for the next blog post. Thanks for reading!


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