LPT: Polka Dot Cake

Have you ever wanted just a POP of flavor in your baking, but don't know how to get it?

Polka Dot Cake

Cake batter of some sort
Frosting, fruit, or any other thing you might want on your cake.
Ingredients the cake needs
Cylinder cutter
A rectangular pan

Follow the cake directions and wait for it to cook. Now, grab the cake out of the oven, and get out your cylinder cutter. Cut as many cylinders into the cake as you want, and then get your frosting, fruit, or whatever else out and fill the holes with it. You can even mix it up, and add many different colors and flavors in different holes. Now you have a different and unique cake to serve, voila!

I hope you've enjoyed another recipe, and make sure to follow and comment. Thanks!


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