DIY Monday- Kitty Cat Paper Clip Box

Hello everyone and welcome back to Everything & More. In just a minute, after this blog post, we will be welcoming a new writer to the Everything & More blog. I've just got to figure out how to.

Okay, lets get to a great DIY.

You Will Need:
Printer Paper
Colored pencils or markers.
A lemonade juice box.

Cut open the top of the lemonade box, and pour the contents out if it, into another cup.
Measure it and cut out the proper amount of paper. Glue it onto the juice box, and then cut out cat ears and a tail. Glue the cat ears on top of the head, and bend the section you'll glue to the rest of the cat a little bit and glue it on. Now let it dry and begin coloring it like a cat. Now you have a fun Paper clip, tack, or even crayon box!

Thanks for reading and make sure to follow us and support our new writer once she gets on.


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