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The Chaos of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving can be a challenging time, really, with those Pinterest recipe flops that you made the mistake of trusting, to the constant slaving over a hot oven, which, modern day we constantly complain about (despite the fact that 20th century housewives SLAVED over the stove everyday... or perhaps every Sunday) to those copious amounts of houseguests that happen to so distantly be your family. Luckily for me, a small circle of people attend our Thanksgiving meal, so small it's almost criticizable; Me, my two sisters, my parents, and my grandparents. This year I was put in charge of the desserts. Considering our small group, I only am making two desserts: Pumpkin Cream Cheese Bundt Cake, (I'll put the link below) and brownies. The reason being two people in my family, (a.k.a my Dad and my little Sister) are completely opposed two pumpkin flavored things. I'd really much rather make some extravagant dessert, but that isn't happening. Shall I introduce you to our menu?

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