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The New and Improved Everything & More

Hello and welcome to the new Everything & More Blog. Did we revert back to our original theme? Yes. Did we spend lots of time planning this out? Yes, well... I did, at least. It seems that if Everything & More was a ship on the sea--- Kaylie has jumped out of it. However, I think I can manage it myself, especially since I started it, and she posted once...

Anyway, in this new improved version, you will find everything that a blog usually holds, like, recipes, life hacks, a day in the life, news, tips, and so much more!

However, I will unfortunately not be able to stick to a schedule, because you see how many times I had to revise that schedule if you've seen this blog before I took away all of the posts.

I would also like to thank our amazing visitors, because of you we have reached 79 views on our posts. However, we have had 0 subscribers... So please take your anger out on that little subscribe button by pressing it, and you can find out whenever we post something new! A…

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