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More Blog Changes

Hey guys! Sorry we haven't been active for a long while!

So as the title says, quite a few changes will be done to the blog once this post is posted. That's right, a remodeling. First of all, a brand new section will be opened, called: "Kaylie's Culinary". This will be the arsenal for all of her future restaurant recipes, since she is going to attempt to own a restaurant. If you try out any of her recipes, please comment, and give the future chef some advice, you never know, you may be going to her restaurant, someday!

Second, another section, "Writers Daily" will be added, and controlled by me. It'll be a great place for writers to converse and share problems and ask and answer questions, in the comments under each post. All other labels will be maintained, just not on such a regular basis.

More sections are also coming out, but those will by secret. Lastly, please follow, and comment! We need all the readers we can get in the Everything & More…

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